C. Bechstein Classic A118


The C.Bechstein Classic 118 is enthusiastically supported by all seeking a piano with clear and classical style. With proportions that are perfect, timeless clean lines, both modern and elegant. Superb sound and touch results in effortlessness and inspirational reward for both professional and beginner alike. The generous sonority of this medium-height piano is also suited according to international product comparison tests to Romantic and post-Romantic periods. C.Bechstein upright pianos integrate much of the C.Bechstein grand piano construction principles, which accounts for their superiority. This high school of piano-making has been from the beginning market leading in the premium segment. The German C.Bechstein factory takes a lot of time for each of these masterpieces. Much precious attention to detail is involved in such a long-lived piano. C. Bechstein pianos belong to the best uprights in the world.

Width 151 cm Height 118 cm Depth 59 cm Weight 238 kg

Comes with a 5 year warranty.

RRP: £16,150.00 – call us for an amazing price!

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